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Sproud is a boutique video agency based in Singapore that produces great videos for successful brands and organisations.

Our passionate team of in-house media professionals provides the right expertise and industry experience to create the videos you need in our video production company. Co-founded by a pair of film makers-turn-entreprenuers with a knack for visual storytelling, Sproud was established to work with local brands and organisations to market their products and services with exceptional video content marketing.

At Sproud, we believe that any organisation or company can connect and engage with their target audience by communicating the right message in the right way. In the modern age, videos are a robust way to boost brand authority and offer a fantastic opportunity for long-term growth.

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Content production is our specialty, and we can produce it for use in any context. Whether you need a commercial video, an informative content or anything in between, we can create a jaw-dropping visual piece that will set your message apart from the competition and draw eyes towards your business or organisation. With extensive in-house technology and a dedicated creative services team, we can take care of anything from concepts and planning through to post-production services to deliver results of the highest professional standard.


Refining your product or service is one thing, but making sure everyone knows about it is just as important. In addition, you need to convince potential customers why they should choose you over any competition. Digital video advertising solutions from Sproud are an exceptional way to implement a marketing strategy, and are created in line with your brand values and goals. This ensures that your message is correctly and deliberately communicated while eliciting the desired reaction from your target audience, and is a key part of drawing attention to your business or organisation. Our next-level video production services are a unique and engaging way to gain exposure for your product or service across multiple channels, which is why we are chosen as an advertising company for many different clients.

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We are incredibly passionate about our work, and love taking on new video or content advertising projects in Singapore. Whether you are ready to go with an idea or just have a simple enquiry to make, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on the details below or through our contact form for an obligation-free chat about what we can do for you.

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we are passionate in creating compelling multimedia content for commercial, corporate and entertainment endeavours.